A mobile roguelike inspired by the likes of Binding of Isaac and Slay the Spire. Portalmancer was developed in Unity 2019 for Android & iOS mobile devices. The beta  is currently underway and available for testing, with plans to launch in Q2 2020.

Responsibilities: Engineering & Design



A point-and-click puzzle game developed for Blzzard 2018's 48-hour Game Jam based on the theme "chain reaction". Players must first identify a victim and then time a click to create a chain reaction of yawns! Developed in Unity 2017 for PC with a team of 5.

Responsibilities: Engineering & Design


Spectral Mines

Download (Requires GameMaker2)

An RPG developed for Blzzard 2017's 48-hour Game Jam based on the theme "you only get one". Spectral Mines takes inspiration from rogue-like elements to create a unique story-telling experience. Developed in GameMaker2 for PC with another designer.

Responsibilities: Engineering & Design

Summon Stone

A World of Warcraft fansite that provided news and gameplay guides for classes. I developed the website using WordPress alongside a graphics designer and numerous members of the theorycrafting community.

Responsibilities: Website Administrator & Content Creator